Tool Catcher


Hydraulic tool catcher assembly is positioned between the upper lubricator and the grease injection head or wireline stuffing box. When retrieving a tool string from the well, in the event that the wireline should become detached due to slamming the tool head into the stuffing box or grease head, this failsafe design will automatically engage the rope socket or cable head fishing neck and prevent the tool string from falling back into the well.

Once the rope socket or cable head has been engaged, hydraulic pressure can then be applied to cycle the internal collet to the release position and so release the tool.


Features and Benefits:

  • Type B, O, and C Acme Ouick Union, Flow tube Acme Box with an integral ball check valve
  • Working Pressure up to 15,000 psi
  • Fishing Neck Collet size : 1.00”, 1.187”, 1.375”, 1.750”, 2.313”
  • H2S and Standard Service
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