Pressure Temperature Spinner Logging

High Temperature PTS Logging Tools

Prowell is operating down hole Geothermal Pressure-Temperature-Spinner (PTS) tools used in Geothermal investigation and well testing, which have been field proven for almost 30 years. This experience provides us with unique insights into where the PTS tools need to be to satisfy the clients with accurate, reliable and timely data. The purpose built surface read out hardware and software is synchronized with the PTS tool. This tool system is available for purchase.

What does it do?

  • The PTS tool is designed to continuously measure and record down hole temperatures, pressures and flows in Geothermal wells.
  • The tool is capable of operating up to 350°C and 350 bar pressure.
  • The PTS tool can be used on mono conductor cable in E-line mode with real time data to surface, or on slickline in memory mode. In memory mode, the logged data is downloaded to a laptop at the surface and merged with the logged surface parameters. Logged data remains in the tool memory until it is cleared by the operator.
  • Interchangeable impellers allow the impeller best suited to the flow conditions in the well to be used.
  • The PTS tool can be used in E-line mode on mono-conductor with the real time data to surface, or on Slickline in memory mode.


The PTS tool is suitable for production testing, reinjection testing and for logging shut-in Geothermal wells.

Features & Benefits:

  • Design, manufactured and assembled in New Zealand.
  • The surface read out software has a user configurable graphical plot; the y-axis can be alternated between depth and time, providing a valuable tool for real time analysis of well survey data.
  • Runs on standard mono-conductor wirelines and slicklines without requiring reconfiguration the tool electronics.
  • 4 spinner channels, offering increased reliability and confidence.
  • Interchangeable impellors to meet operational needs.
  • Operating in down hole memory mode, provides a cost effective alternative to E-Line and ease of use for field operator where real time data is not required.
  • UpHole Logger software checks tool status and performs diagnostics in E-line mode while logging, providing confirmation of correct operation and confidence in results.
  • A high resolution, fast response, robust pressure transducer (quartz crystal sensor element) which is also temperature compensated for gathering very accurate pressure gradient data.
  • Memory operation provides alternatives to temperature limits and cost of e-line operation.
  • Calibration data for temperature & pressure is stored permanently in the tool.
  • Sampling rate of 4 readings per second.
  • Can be run as a PT tool without a spinner.
  • Easy to service and maintain. The non-major repairs can be done quickly and easily in Prowell’s workshop in Jakarta.

Where is it being used?

  • New Zealand (Contact Energy, Mighty River Power)
  • Papua New Guinea (Newcrest Gold Mining, previously: Lihir Gold)
  • Indonesia (Chevron Gunung Salak, Chevron Darajat, Star Energy Geothermal Wayang Windu, Pertamina Geothermal Energy (PGE) Kamojang, PGE Lahendong, PGE Ulubelu, PGE Kerinci & SOL Sarulla).
  • The Philippines (Chevron Tiwi, Chevron Makban, Maibarara & EDC).
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