Pressure Temperature Spinner Tool System

PTS Tool System

The PTS tool is designed to continuously measure and record downhole temperatures, pressures and flows in geothermal wells.

The tool is capable of operating up to 350°C and 350 bar pressure. Interchangeable impellers allow the impeller best suited to the flow conditions in the well to be used. The PTS tool can be used in E-line mode on mono conductor with real time data to surface, or on slickline in memory mode.

In memory mode, the logged data is downloaded to a laptop at the surface and merged with the logged surface parameters. Logged data remains in the tools memory until it is cleared by the operator.

The PTS tool is a significant improvement over other downhole tools available.


The PTS tool is suitable for production testing, reinjection testing and for logging shut geothermal wells.

Features & Benefits

  • Designed, manufactured and assembled in NZ.
  • Runs on standard mono-conductor E-line Slickline with no change required to hardware.
  • 4 spinner channels, offering increased reliability and
  • Interchangeable impellors to meet operational ne
  • Fast response, robust strain gauge pressure sensor with high resolution for gathering accurate pressure gradient data.
  • Operating in downhole memory mode, provides a cost effective alternative to E-line and ease of use for field operators where real time data is not required.
  • Calibration data for temperature and pressure is stored permanently in the tool.
  • Uphole software checks tool status and performs diagnostics in E-line mode while logging, providing confirmation of correct operation and confidence in results.
  • Temperature limitations of mono-conductor cable can be overcome, by running the PTS tool in memory mode on Slickline.
  • Can be run as a PT only tool without spinner.
  • Sampling rate fixed at 4 readings per second.
  • Easy to service and maintain.

Physical Specification

Length 2.75 m 108 in
Tool Diameter 46 mm 1.8 in
Spinner Diameter 54 mm 2.125 in
Weight 18kg 40lb
Material Stainless Steel Alloys

Operating Environment

Max. Temperature 350°C 660°F
280°C (>8 hrs)

300°C (6 hrs)535°F (>8 hrs)

570°F (6hrs)Max. Pressure35.0 MPa5075 psi

Temperature, Pressure & Spinner Sensors

Temperature Pressure Spinner
Sensor Platinum resistance Sensor Quartz Sensor 4 x reed switch
Range 0°C to 350°C Range 344 bar Range 0-300 Hz + direction
Accuracy ±0.25°C Accuracy 0.02 %FS Resolution 0.25 Hz
Resolution 0.01°C Full Scale Resolution 0.002 bar Pitch (in) 3, 5, 10, 20
Temp. Compensated Yes Temp. Compensated Yes Impeller Hellical


Memory Capacity 479,350 records (33 hrs)
Recording Rate 4 records/sec.
Operating Voltage 3.0 Vdc
Battery Size A, Single, Lithium, >24 hrs

SRO Related Products

  • Electronic depth count Standard system uses Mathey type P meter.
  • Surface software compatible with Windows 95, 98, XP and 7. CSV data output incl. time, depth temp, press, freq, line tension, wellhead pressure.
  • 24 Vdc power supply.
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