Prowell is in partnership with MB Century New Zealand to provide Geothermal services in Indonesia. MB Century have been developing highly specialist techniques for measuring the high pressures and temperatures found in Geothermal wells using Wireline for more than 50 years. They have also developed equipment for the evaluation of both internal and external corrosion of well casings. MB Century technology has been utilized by almost all of Geothermal operators in New Zealand, Indonesia, the Philippines and Papua New Guinea. This is a key part of our offering.

Our Wireline logging services include:

  • Pressure-Temperature (PT) and Pressure-Temperature-Spinner (PTS) down hole logging using both E-line in real-time mode and Slickline in memory mode.
  • Completion testing; a combination of testing involving PT and PTS runs in new drilled wells.
  • High temperature casing condition evaluation (HTCC); Electromagnetic (HTCC-EM) and Multifinger (HTCC-MF)
  • Down Hole Sampler (DHS)
  • Scale Catcher (SC)
  • Casing Gauge / Go Devil (GD)
  • PTS Interpretation

Other Geothermal services are:

  • Well Testing; both short-term and long-term testing.
  • Well Testing surface equipment: design and fabrication.
  • Well Monitoring using capillary tube; for longer period of down hole monitoring.
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