Casing Condition Evaluation


The HTCC tool is an electromagnetic tool that enables a detailed inspection of the well casing, with the ability to detect small defects on both the inner and outer walls of the casing.

Three magnetic measurements indicate casing thickness, internal diameter, roughness and cracking. The tool is unaffected by scale on the walls of the casing. The HTCC log is suitable for qualitative interpretation. If baseline surveys are made at well completion, then repeat surveys can give a quantitative estimate of metal loss. Mandrels of different diameters have been designed to be interchangeable with the electronics. This tool is not available for purchase.


Natural state casing condition logging of geothermal wells up to 13-3/8” OD.

Features & Benefits:

  • Early warning of potential casing problems.
  • Operates in both real time mode (E-line) and memory mode (slickline).
  • Natural state logging, well quenching not required.
  • Detects external casing wall c
  • Digital signal processing eliminating errors, calibration difficulties, and allows for in-situ reprogramming of the tool.
  • Meets the statutory requirement to monitor well integrity on a regular basis as required by New Zealand’s “Code of Practice for Deep Geothermal Wells”, NZS2403.
  • Provides a cost-effective assessment of well casing
  • Maximum operating temperature: 260°C (500°F) in real time (e-line) mode or 315°C (600°F) in memory (slickline) mode.
  • Maximum operating pressure: 20.0 MPa (2,900 psi).
  • Casing size: 8-5/8” to 13-3/8”.
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