Prowell Delivered a Three-Piece Compact Winch Unit to COSL

A compact winch unit is needed by PT COSL Indo to operate in restricted rig or offshore platform space. Prowell designed and manufactured a three-piece unit providing COSL (China Oilfield Services Limited) a deployment flexibility; it consists of three frames which can be transported separately and assembled on the rig easier. It is available in single or dual-drum configurations, allowing Client to conduct both slickline and E-line logging operations using a single unit. This unit has a powerful Zone-2  water-cooled Perkins diesel engine providing 129 HP @2,600 rpm. The drums capacity are 25,000ft for both 0.108” and 0.125” wires. A comfortable air-conditioned cabin providing ergonomic, safe and responsive operator controls. This is another high quality oilfield equipment made by Prowell in supporting the Indonesian Oil and Gas industry.

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