40ft Mast Unit


Prowell Energy lightweight hydraulic mast with 40 Feet base reach is constructed from premium quality steel which can stand extreme climate conditions with gusting wind. The compact and easily transported telescopic mast allows efficient mobilization to wherever the unit is needed. This unit is designed for light duty to medium duty slickline operations.


  • Premium quality steel construction makes for a robust frame with maximum strength and minimum dimension with a complete safety features and interlocks for maximum working safety.
  • All hydraulic system allows for maximum efficiency for rig up/down without compromising safety.
  • Adjustable in uneven surface and able to operate standing by its own weight.

Mast Capacity 40 feet

  • Under Hook Height : 11.30 m
  • Column Safe Working Load : 3.00 ton
  • Main Winch Lift Capacity : 1.50 ton
  • Main Winch Hold Capacity : 1.50 ton
  • Rigging up/down allowed at wind speed  up to 11 m / sec.
  • Between 13 and 27 m / sec. guy lines are required.

Documentation and Certification

  • Design and verification by BV
  • Structure NDT, Load Test & Drop Test certified by BV
  • Four point lifting bracket compliant to BS-EN 12079
  • Manufactured under ISO 9001-2008 year 2010 and SNI 13-6984-2004 & 13-6985-2004


  • L= 4103mm,
  • W=1110mm,
  • H=1226mm,
  • W=1500kg


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